823rd RED HORSE Squadron (ACC)

    During Vietnam, the 823d Civil Engineering Squadron (Heavy Repair) was activated on 6 April
    1966 and organized on 15 May 1966.  When the 823rd arrived at Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam, in 1966
    it reorganized into four self-sufficient units to complete urgently needed construction.  By January
    1967, deployed units were in place at Tan Son Nhut, Vung Tau, Da Nang, and Pleiku, while a unit
    remained at Bien Hoa.

    The 823rd, inactivated in 1971, was reactivated at Eglin AFB, Fla., on 1 June 1972, incorporating
    elements of the 557th CES (HR), which was inactivated at Eglin the same day.  The 823rd became
    a TAC (later ACC) unit.  

    In 1975, members constructed a tent city at Eglin for 5,000 Vietnamese refugees.  In 1990 the unit
    deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM.  In
    1993 it deployed to Somalia in support of United Nations-sponsored Operation RESTORE
    HOPE.  In 1995 it deployed to Bosnia to bed down Army troops supporting Operation JOINT
    ENDEAVOR, and in 1996 it built tent cities at Prince Sultan AB, Saudi Arabia, to accommodate
    the move from Dhahran AB following the Khobar Towers bombing.  

    In 1999, 823rd RHS personnel deployed to forward locations throughout Europe to support
    Operations ALLIED FORCE/SHINING HOPE.  In 2001-2002 the 823rd completed major
    construction projects, including a $9.1M aircraft ramp, at Al Udeid AB, Qatar, in support of
    Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and deployed to Southwest Asia on a regular basis beginning
    in 2003 in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.  The 823rd’s newly-established Airborne
    RED HORSE team performed important explosive ordnance disposal work in southern Iraq and
    runway repair work at Baghdad International Airport during IRAQI FREEDOM.  

    In July 2004, more than three dozen members of the 823rd deployed to Camp Lemonier, Djibouti,
    for 180 days in support of Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa.  They executed over
    $500K in humanitarian and contingency construction projects in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya, and
    performed valuable civil-military relations work.  

    Non-wartime operations performed by the 823rd have included runway construction on Ascension
    Island, road building and harbor protection in the Azores, and disaster relief following Hurricanes
    Hugo, Andrew, Opal, and Ivan.  In support of the New Horizons program, construction teams
    from the 823rd have completed projects in Haiti, St. Kitts, Jamaica, Guatemala, El Salvador,
    Paraguay, and Peru.

    The 823rd RHS is an Air Combat Command asset, assigned to Ninth Air Force, and operates out
    of Hurlburt Field (previously Eglin Auxiliary Field #9).  In addition to operations at Hurlburt Field,
    the 823rd RED HORSE Squadron’s Detachment 1 operates the Silver Flag Exercise Site at
    Tyndall AFB, Florida, providing combat support training to more than 5,600 civil engineer troops
    from active, Guard, and Reserve Air Force units, plus the Army, Marine Corps, and allied nations.

    823rd Lineage and Honors

    Lineage, Constituted 823d Installations Squadron on 19 Jan 1956.  Activated on 1 Jun 1956.  
    Redesignated 823d Civil Engineering Squadron on 1 Jul 1960.  Discontinued, and inactivated, on 1
    Oct 1961.  Redesignated 823d Civil Engineering Squadron (Heavy Repair), and activated, on 6 Apr
    1966.  Organized on 15 May 1966.  Redesignated 823d Civil Engineering Squadron, Heavy Repair,
    on 15 Oct 1969.  Inactivated on 15 Jun 1971.  Activated on 1 Jun 1972.  Redesignated 823d RED
    HORSE Civil Engineering Squadron on 10 Mar 1989.  Redesignated 823d RED HORSE Squadron
    on 1 Mar 1994.


    Service Streamers, None

    Campaign Streamers,

                Vietnam Air
                Vietnam Air Offensive 1966-1967
                Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase II 1967-1968
                Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase III 1968
                Vietnam Air/Ground 1968
                Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase IV 1968-1969
                TET 69/Counteroffensive 1969
                Vietnam Summer-Fall, 1969
                Vietnam Winter-Spring, 1970
                Sanctuary Counteroffensive 1970
                Southwest Monsoon 1970
                Commando Hunt V 1970-1971
                Commando Hunt VI 1971

        Southwest Asia:
                Defense of Saudi Arabia 1990-1991
                Liberation and Defense of Kuwait 1991

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers, None

    Decorations, Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with Combat “V” Device:  31 Jan-31 May 1968;
    1 Jan 1969-16 Mar 1970; 17 Mar 1970-31 Mar 1971.  Air Force Outstanding Unit Award:  1
    May 1976-1 May 1978; 15 Jul 1978-15 Jul 1980; 1 Jun 1983-31 May 1985; 1 Jun 1985-31 May
    1987; 1 Jun 1988-31 May 1990; 3 Sep 1990-15 Mar 1991; 16 Mar 1991-15 Mar 1993; 16 Mar
    1993-15 Mar 1995; 16 Mar 1995-31 May 1996; 1 Jun 1996-31 May 1998.  Republic of Vietnam
    Gallantry Cross with Palm, 15 May 1966-15 Jun 1971.

    Assignments, 823d Air Base (later, Combat Support) Group, 1 Jun 1956-1 Oct 1961.  Pacific Air
    Forces, 6 Apr 1966; Seventh Air Force, 15 May 1966; 1st Civil Engineering Group (Heavy Repair)
    (later, 1st Civil Engineering Group, Heavy Repair), 15 May 1967; Seventh Air Force, 16 Mar 1970-
    15 Jun 1971.  Ninth Air Force, 1 Jun 1972-

    Stations, Homestead AFB, Fla, 1 Jun 1956-1 Oct 1961.  Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam, 15 May 1966-
    15 Jun 1971.  Eglin AF Auxiliary Field 2, FL, 1 Jun 1971; Eglin AF Auxiliary Field 9, FL, 1 Jul

    Lt Col Horace C. Smith                        1 Jun 1956
    Capt James B. Hoodenpyle                    Sep 1957
    Maj William J. Casey                             1958
    Capt Joseph N. Davis Jr.                        ca. Apr 1960-1 Oct 1961
    [Unit inactivated Oct 1961-Apr 1966]
    Lt Col Frank E. John                              1 Jul 1966-Jun 1967  
    Col Richard J. Coffee                              4 Oct 1967  
    Lt Col Leroy C. Porter Jr.                        ca. Sep 1968
    Lt Col Paul T. Hartung                             Sep 1969
    Maj Norman M. Sorensen                       2 Sep 1970
    Lt Col James W. Culp                             15 Dec 1970-15 Jun 1971
    Lt Col Herbert G. Campbell                     1 Jun 1972-Dec 1973
    Maj Jason F. Mayhew (Acting)                19 Dec 1973
    Col Carwin J. Pomeroy                            7 Jan 1974-Jul 1975
    Col Richard H. Dunwoody                       Jul 1975-Jun 1976
    Col Thomas E. Colvin                               Jun 1976-May 1978
    Col Ansel T. Flowers                                May 1978-Mar 1981
    Col William V. Randall                              Mar 1981-May 1983
    Col Robert L. Bell                                    May 1983-May 1985
    Col Henry C. Aulwurm                             Jul 1985-Nov 1986
    Col Frank A. Cirillo, Jr.                            Nov 1986-Jun 1989
    Col Thomas F. Wilson                              Jun 1989-Jul 1992
    Col John H. Fraser, Jr.                             Jul 1992-May 1994
    Col Susanne M. Waylett                          May 1994-Oct 1996
    Col Richard Fernandez                             Oct 1996-Dec 1997
    Col Clinton C. Woods                              Dec 1997-Jul 1999
    Col Edward D. Mayfield                          Aug 1999-Aug 2002
    Col Benjamin Anderson                           Aug 2002-Jul 2004
    Col James D. Lyon                                  Jul 2004-Apr 2006
    Col Steven E. Hammock                          Apr 2006-

    Emblem, Approved on 17 Jan 1967

    Date Prepared, 2000
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