REDHORSE Association Application 24

Pay Membership Dues

RED HORSE and Prime BEEF Association

701 Center Drive, Palmyra, PA 17078, 717-269-3914

Regular or Life Membership: Shall be open to all military members who have or are serving in the USAF Civil Engineer field, or in a USAF Civil Engineering unit, which includes the ACTIVE, AFRC, and ANG units, or their predecessor service; Aviation Engineer Force and SCARWAF Engineer Force. Affiliate or Life Affiliate Membership: Spouses, children, parents or guardians of those persons, who are or were members eligible for membership, shall be eligible. Associate Membership: Those persons, who do not qualify for regular membership, but have an interest in RED HORSE or Prime BEEF, may be considered for Associate Membership.

DUES / FEES Regular Memberships: First Year: $10.00 Annual Renewal: $20.00 Active Duty Military: $10.00 per year as long as you are on active duty. Life Memberships: Age 45 and under: $250 Age 46 to 55: $215 Age 56 to 65: $180 Age 66 and above: $125. Associate Membership: First Year: $10.00 Renewal: $20.00

*Applications received on or after August 1st will be credited to the next full year. Please include your check or money order and mail to the address above.