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Section 1 – Overview

INTRODUCTION:  We’re pleased to announce our annual RED HORSE and Prime BEEF Association (RHPBA) Scholarship Program. The Program was created in 2010 offering financial assistance to current Association members and their immediate families seeking to further their education by attending an accredited technical institution, college or university of their choice.  We acquire funds for this program entirely from donations, contributions and fund-raising efforts throughout the year. 

POLICY:  This year’s scholarship program will provide  $1,500 scholarships, competitively awarded to the following array of candidates planning to attend or currently attending accredited institutions of higher learning, including vocational and technical institutes:  

  1. Qualified high school seniors
  2. GED recipients
  3. Home school students meeting the public high school graduation requirements for their respective state 
  4. Undergraduate students (4) with at least two semesters remaining prior to graduation

The Application Process, identified in Section 2 – SELECTION Criteria & Submittal Guidance, allows applicants to prepare and submit an online application form and the accompanying attachments via email.  

Who’s eligible to Apply?  The program is available to family members of an RHPBA member in good standing (annual dues are current).  A family member can be a member’s spouse, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, adopted son, adopted daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and includes the member.  

How to Apply:  The on-line and email application process can be completed through the RHPBA website (RED HORSE and Prime BEEF Association – Gen Tom Meredith Scholarship Program (, containing information, instructions and guidance for applying.  Please direct any inquiries to Scholarship Selection Committee Chair Don Boone via email (, or text (518-441-7639).

Submission deadline is June 15, 2023 for the 2023-2024 academic year. 


Don Boone, Colonel (Retired), USAF and ANG

Scholarship Selection Committee



  1. The successful applicants will be chosen by the RHPBA Board of Directors following review and recommendation by the Scholarship Selection Committee.
  2. Selection criteria incorporates these interest areas:
    1. Goals and Aspirations 
    2. Achievements 
    3. Academics 
    4. Activities & Employment 
    5. References 
    6. Strength of Application 

C.  All applicants will be notified of our results no later than July 14, 2023.


  1. The RHPBA scholarship application consists of a completed Application Form and five attachments.  
  2. In order to qualify for scholarship award, the applicant must submit the following:
    1. Application Form – see SECTION 3:  APPLICATION FORM.  Complete and click on the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the form…or scan and forward via email to
    2. Email the following files as attachments to
      1. Online Application Form (only if you don’t submit electronically) 
      2. Letter of Reference from someone other than a family member, familiar with the applicant’s academic, social, extracurricular, or other value-based criteria relevant to this program 
      3. Personal Essay of approximately 500 words highlighting your career goals 
      4. Transcript of your academic record for the previous school year 
      5. Verification of enrollment in your accredited institution of higher learning 
      6. Individual photo (minimum 3” x 5”) from waist up, taken within 90 days 
    3. Identify your email title as, “RHPBA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – your last name”.


  1. Award recipients will agree to the release of their name and photo to the RED HORSE and Prime BEEF Association to promote the scholarship program among our membership.