Here at DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay, we’re very busy working on ways to improve our customer service for you. And here’s the latest example: the Quick Tools page on

What is the Quick Tools page? Think of it as a one-stop-shop for our most popular and often-requested tools. It’s designed specifically for people who have a clear picture of what they need to accomplish and just need one simple place to find it.

One thing you’ll immediately notice about the Quick Tools page is its organization. The webpage is neatly organized by customer group. As a valued member of the SBP annuitant/survivor community, there’s a section just for you. Whether you’re looking for the way to report a death, get a 1099-R tax statement reissued, utilize myPay, or use one of our helpful Form Wizards or convenient ask DFAS online upload tools—this webpage will get you where you need quickly!

And just as we always do—we’ll keep working on this page to make it most useful and current over time. We have even more great tools planned for you, so we’ll make sure Quick Tools is always a quick stop to meet your needs.

You can find the Quick Tools page at