The 557th activated on 5 February 1968, organized on 10 February 1968, and deployed to Osan
AB, Korea, in April 1968 to assist in the buildup resulting from seizure of the USS Pueblo.  The
unit had a permanent change of station to Osan AB effective 30 August 1968.  The 557th was
based at Osan, but had active detachments at Kwang-ju, Taegu, Kunsan, Suwon, and Kimpo.
During its 18-month stay in Korea, it was involved in constructing aircraft shelters, modular
facilities, revetments, and other mission-essential facilities to support the additional U.S. Air Force
flying units in country.  The 557th left Korea in 1969 and was stationed at Eglin AFB, FL, until its
inactivation on 1 June 1972.  Nearly 33 years later, on 22 April 2005, the 557th Expeditionary
RED HORSE Squadron was activated in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

557th Lineage and Honors

Lineage, Constituted 557th Civil Engineering Squadron (Heavy Repair), and activated, on 5 Feb
1968.  Organized on 10 Feb 1968.  Redesignated 557th Civil Engineering Squadron, Heavy Repair,
on 15 Oct 1969.  Inactivated on 1 Jun 1972.
Service Streamers.  None
Campaign Streamers.  None.
Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers.  None
Decorations.  Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards:  [10] Sep 1968-15 Dec 1969; 1 Jul 1970-1 Jun
Assignments, Tactical Air Command, 5 Feb 1968; Fifth Air Force, 30 Aug 1968; Ninth Air
Force, 10 Dec 1969-1 Jun 1972.
Stations, Eglin AF Auxiliary Airfield #2, Fla., 10 Feb 1968; Osan AB, Korea, 30 Aug 1968; Eglin
AF Auxiliary Field #2, 10 Dec 1969-1 Jun 1972.
Emblem, Approved on 25 Apr 1968
Date Prepared, 10 Jan 1977